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Postal contractor tried to buy insurance about an hour after truck involved in crash that killed family

August 29, 2023
2023 08 29 at 4.10 PM


A federal lawsuit alleges the trucking company tried to buy insurance for the truck about an hour after the crash.

DENVER — The trucking company involved in a crash that killed five members of a family on Interstate 25 last year tried to buy insurance minutes after the deadly crash.

Colorado State Patrol said the driver of the truck didn’t have a valid commercial driver’s license. Police documents show the brakes were out of alignment. And documents filed in federal court now show the truck also didn’t have insurance.

Aaron Godines and Hailie Everts were killed, along with their baby daughter. Aaron’s parents Christina and Emiliano were also in the car and died.

The truck was carrying mail for the postal service when it crashed. It took months after the crash for the postal service to terminate its contract with Caminantes, even after they found out the driver didn’t have a license. We reached out to them today to ask why they contracted a truck that didn’t have insurance, but USPS did not answer our question.

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