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Post Office Says It Will Stop Delivering Mail To Luxury Ooltewah Apartment Complex; Cites “Hostile Environment”

August 17, 2022


Management at a luxury apartment complex in Ooltewah said they have been notified by the Post Office that it will no longer deliver mail to the complex due to “a hostile environment.”

The Village at Apison Pike is on Tradewind Circle in Ooltewah.

Management sent out this notice to apartment residents on Tuesday:

Good afternoon Valued Residents

We wanted to follow up with you regarding the recent issues with USPS. We know many of you have had issues with packages and mail being misdelivered or not delivered at all. We assure you we are aware of these concerns and are experiencing the same with regard to undelivered mail and packages for the office. The Business Manager has called USPS to try to find a solution that will help both the residents and USPS; however, she was met with resistance.

Recently, there have been a couple of incidents of perceived harassment towards the postal workers from residents at Village at Apison Pike. As a result, the Postmaster has stated that they will not be delivering mail here for fear of the safety of their workers. They have stated that they will not be delivered to a hostile environment. Due to these incidents, USPS is unwilling to work with us in finding a solution.

We posted signs in the mail room that stated no one can be in the mail room while the mailboxes are open, but the signs were torn down within 12 hours of being posted. We are working to find a resolution, but our hands are tied—particularly when certain residents are refusing to be patient and follow the rules set forth by USPS.

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