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Post Office recognizes little letter carrier

June 8, 2023


Friendship Station in Washington, DC, lives up to its name for 3-year-old customer Lucas Hastings.

On a recent visit to his local Post Office, Lucas wore his favorite outfit — a letter carrier uniform — much to the appreciation of the Friendship staff. Station Manager Michael Alston noticed the little boy in the lobby and playfully announced to the staff that help had arrived.

“We have an extra carrier to assist for the day,” he said.

Myra Hart, customer services supervisor, agreed that the sight of Lucas was just what the staff needed on what had been a particularly busy workday.

“We were all inspired by Lucas. He looked so adorable and put a smile on all our faces, so we wanted to give one back to him,” she said.

Two weeks later, Hart asked the Hastings family if they could bring their little boy back to the Post Office — but this time there would be a surprise in store.

The Friendship staff worked together on an event to recognize Lucas as a letter carrier. “He jumped for joy as all the letter carriers greeted him and presented him with his own USPS-licensed ride-on vehicle,” Hart said.

The staff also wrote and mailed Lucas letters for him to carry in his postal satchel because not only does Lucas like to dress as a letter carrier, he also loves receiving mail and packages.

Lucas was a baby when the COVID-19 pandemic began. His parents, David and Brook, relied on deliveries from USPS like many customers during this time. Lucas grew into a fan and friend of Letter Carrier SanQuan Long, who often delivered packages containing toys and other items for Lucas during the stay-at-home period.

Whenever he hears mail come through the mail slot of the front door, Lucas gets excited. “He will yell, ‘Mail! Mail!’” David said.

This past Halloween, Lucas asked to dress like a letter carrier along with his baby sister, Whitney, and the costume has been on repeat since. He will even sleep in it if allowed by his parents.

Lucas also continues to make deliveries in his ride-on vehicle. “He loves it. He drives it around our backyard. It’s his favorite toy,” David said, adding, “He has truly developed a fascination for the mail. He is a little mailman and mail fan.”

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