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Police report says contractor dumped 5 bundles of mail in lake

January 19, 2023
2023 01 19 at 4.37 PM


We’re learning new details about the incident last week where a private contractor delivering mail for the U.S. Postal Service dumped mail in a lake.

The incident happened at Mirabella at Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens.

A Palm Beach Gardens Police report identifies the woman who dumped the mail as Bendina Tropnas, 25, of Wellington.

The resident then followed Tropnas to the front gate where she notified a security guard who contacted police.

The police report says Tropnas had no identification or driver’s license.

The police report says, “She would not give a clear explanation of why she threw mail into the water.”

The report says, “Tropnas did state she threw five bundles of mail into the water that were dated from 2022.”

Her boss, Timothy Cummings, came to the scene and was allowed to go into the water to retrieve two bundles of mail that were still floating.

But the other three bundles could not be found.

Cummings told police the bundles of mail were newspapers and magazines.

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