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Police Arrest Bronx Man after Car Accident Exposed Stolen Mail and Glue Traps

October 6, 2022


Arrested: On Sept. 28, Julio Sosa, 25, of the Bronx, turned himself in for arrest processing following a police pursuit and a car accident involving property damage of more than $250 after which Sosa left the scene of the accident.

He was charged with this offense as well as with the offense of failing to obey a police officer and fifth degree criminal possession of stolen property. According to the arrest report, Sosa fled officers who were attempting to make a traffic stop on March 15, 2022.

While fleeing, Sosa struck a parked car and caused significant damage to the car. Sosa then left his car and evaded officers on foot. Inside the car, officers found glue traps and stolen mail, presumably “fished out of” blue mailboxes. Following his arrest, Sosa was released with an appearance ticket for Village Justice Court for Oct. 12.

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