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Phoenix homeowner’s camera catches mail carrier in distress from heat

July 26, 2023

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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Patrick Gal-Szabo was home Saturday when he saw a postal service worker pull up and realized she was having difficulty in the triple-digit weather. The video capturing the moment was shared on social media and has now been watched thousands of times.

Gal-Szabo says he could tell the USPS employee struggled when he saw her movements seemingly stutter. “She grabs a towel, and I could see wiping sweat off her forehead,” he said. But moments before the video began recording, he says he was watching her. “I was like, she’s going to faint,” he said.

After asking if she needed water, the mail carrier in the video tells Gal-Szabo she is pregnant. “She told me she was in her first trimester, and we had just had a baby four weeks ago now. So I know how bad first-trimester life is like,” he said. Gal-Szabo says she isn’t typically on his route, and he hasn’t seen her since, but he hopes she is ok. “She just looked really sick,” Gal-Szabo recalled.

More importantly, he hopes this video sheds light on what he considers difficult working conditions in the record heat wave. “I’ve been keeping an eye out on all the delivery people who come to my house because I heard a story that someone caught somebody collapsing on their ring camera,” he said.

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