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Park Rapids postmaster retiring, then taking epic bike ride

October 27, 2022
2022 10 27 at 5.51 PM

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Scott Freitag, postmaster at the Park Rapids U.S. Postal Service (USPS) office since Nov. 2018, is retiring.

“I was inspired to make the USPS my career because of my dad’s illustrious USPS career, which was cut short with his early death due to a heart attack,” he recalled.

A cancer survivor, Freitag has a new goal: to raise both awareness and funds for prostate cancer and schizophrenia.

He and his wife, Katy, have partnered with . They, along with friends, have set up a website:

Within a couple of months of getting married to Katy in Sept. 2017, Scott had his prostate specific antigen (PSA) checked for the first time. It’s a simple and inexpensive blood test, he explained, which alerts doctors if more tests are necessary to rule out prostate cancer.

Scott was 54 at the time.

It was discovered that he had a highly aggressive prostate cancer.

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