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Operation ‘snacks to delivery drivers’ is underway in Pelion

August 3, 2022
2022 08 03 at 4.55 PM


PELION, S.C. — A group of Girl Scouts in Lexington County is helping to make being a postal worker during this sweltering heat more bearable.

You could say they’re packaging and delivering kindness.

“It makes me feel good,” Abbi Keech, girl scout said.

Operation “snacks to delivery drivers” is underway in Pelion.

“Helping people is a really nice thing to do, especially because they work all day and then we’ve got to help them out,” Keech said.

Girl Scout Troop 3375 is packing up 200 of these bags to distribute to postal workers in Pelion, Swansea, West Columbia and anywhere else they see fit.

“They’re tired, they’re out in the truck all day and so anything that we can do to help them a little bit, so we decided that we could make bags, make them happy and we’ve got Gatorade and water, some pop tarts,” Nichole Keech, troop leader said.

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