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Ongoing Delays, Mail Loss, Complaints About Katy Area Post Offices

February 20, 2023

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Katy continues to grow and so does the complaints of the local United States Postal Service (USPS.) Katy residents share mail delivery horror stories and concerns for customer service and the local post office facility.

As newcomers continue to move to Katy, tales of missing and lost mail and complaints of poor customer service and facilities is sadly nothing new.

“Katy is no longer a rural small town,” says Katy resident M.F. “It is now a large thriving city and the postal service needs to improve significantly to keep up.”

This is a topic that Katy Magazine has covered before and will continue follow up as this is something that impacts our community. Katy Magazine reached out for comment and as of the time of publishing there has been no response. We followed the prompt and was cut off after around 15 rings. There was no option to leave a message.

From lost gifts, missing government documents and medication, damaged deliveries, and more; Katy residents share their horror stories when it comes to the local United States Postal Service.

Hundreds of readers have written to Katy Magazine over the years sharing stories of missing and lost mail from the U.S. Postal Service. This problem has been brought up many times, yet the complaints still flood our inboxes and Katy social media pages. For the purposes of this news story we only covering mail and packages delivered by the United States Postal Office.

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