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NY Postal Worker Saves Two Girls

June 2, 2023
2023 06 02 at 4.20 PM

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While finishing up a shift at the Rockville Centre Post Office on a Sunday morning at about 7:45, he drove down Grand Avenue, a couple of blocks from the Southern State Parkway.

“I noticed two little girls in the middle of the street,” Thompson told Patch. “I pulled over.”

The Westbury native ran to the unsupervised youngsters, estimated to be around 5 years old, and asked if they knew their mommy’s whereabouts.

The children said they didn’t know and thought she might be working.

Thompson also asked the sisters where they live. They pointed to a house, and he accompanied them. However, he quickly realized this was not the correct location.

He called his supervisor for guidance and the Nassau County police. He was told it was in the Hempstead police jurisdiction, who took the children and Thompson’s statement.

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