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New USPS retail campaign focuses on civic role

March 28, 2022


Retail and Post Office Operations has launched a campaign designed to center USPS in the minds of customers as a storefront for government services, as well as a reliable retail outlet.

Dubbed “A Premium Experience,” the customer-centered effort underscores the Postal Service’s role as a provider of stamps, passport services and fingerprinting.

The aim is “improving the citizen experience,” Elvin Mercado, vice president of Retail and Post Office Operations, wrote in a memo announcing the initiative.

A series of mandatory stand-up talks for retail associates launched on March 9 and will continue each Wednesday for a minimum of six weeks. The talks will be issued through MyPO and will address shipping products, government services, the safety and cleanliness of lobbies, and other topics.

“The Postal Service needs to ensure that we provide a retail experience that meets the evolving needs of our customers,” said Tony Impronto, acting retail operations director.

In addition to focusing on government offerings, the campaign seeks to enhance the general customer experience, emphasizing new and improved technology and facility upkeep.

“Through the meticulous execution of every interaction, transaction and exchange,” Mercado wrote in his memo, “we will create an unrivaled community presence, inspire customer loyalty and fortify the relevancy of our organization throughout the country.”

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