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New online dashboard aids front-line supervisors

April 29, 2022
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A new online dashboard creates a one-stop shop for USPS front-line supervisors, offering quick and easy access to a host of programs and resources in one convenient spot.

“We didn’t create anything new,” said project lead Abigail Martin, integration and processing manager for Logistics and Processing. “It’s really just a landing page that links to other things that already exist.”

While the project — a joint initiative of Human Resources, Retail and Delivery, and Logistics and Processing — may not have created anything new, the team found an elegantly simple way to fulfill its “get-it-right” mission: offering an assist to front-line supervisors.

The Front Line Supervisor’s Tool Kit includes links to frequently used applications, such as MyPO and TACS; online resources like Postal Facts and LiteBlue; forms; publications; videos; standard work instructions; training and more.

“There are a lot of ideas for enhancements to keep it interesting and fresh, not just the same things,” Martin said. This includes a section to spotlight employee engagement and a way for supervisors to share tips on employee retention.

One suggestion being considered is a section for recognition, a sort of #PostalProud program for supervisors, Martin said.

The dashboard is available on Blue.

The team welcomes ideas. There’s a place on the page to offer feedback, and ideas can also be emailed to

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