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Neighbors show love for life-saving letter carrier

February 21, 2023
2023 02 21 at 3.01 PM


Ruth Anne Bonnot was out riding her bike, enjoying a quiet afternoon recently when she stopped to chat with postal letter carrier Brandy Crews and a neighbor. Crews was concerned because an 86-year-old woman who lives in the neighborhood hadn’t picked up her mail in three days, Bonnot said. It wasn’t like her to do that, Crews told them, and she felt compelled to tell someone so they could check on her.

“Brandy turned it over to us and went about her way to finish her route,” Bonnot said.

But Crews also knew they weren’t having much success getting the information they needed to figure out if the woman was OK. Crews learned a few houses later in her route that another neighborhood resident had a key to the house.

“Brandy learned that and said, ‘get over there,’” Bonnot said.

They used the key, opened the door, and found the woman lying on the floor, where she had been for roughly three days, she said. The woman was disoriented, dehydrated and weak, but otherwise had no broken bones or other complicating factors, Bonnot said. A Glynn County emergency medical squad transported her to Southeast Georgia Health System’s Brunswick Hospital for treatment, where the woman was later released, she added.

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