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NAPS – Headed for a Confrontational FY23?

November 16, 2022
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This past year, USPS Headquarters reached down to leadership levels in the associate offices (AOs) and began treating EAS employees as if they had committed some type of heinous crime; “dignity” and “respect” rarely were displayed.

Tactics included rapid questioning, then not waiting for a full explanation before the target was interrupted and asked another question. I’m assuming these intimidating tactics were used to frighten and pressure EAS employees into performing better. I believe this will have just the opposite effect.

The absurd part of this is nobody ever before has worked under these stressful situations, including USPS Headquarters leadership. Therefore, it’s ironic they are grilling EAS employees while they themselves never have undergone what they now expect of us. Show me a leader who has led in our current environment and I’ll respect and follow them; otherwise, don’t be a charlatan.

In FY22, we saw the USPS’ non-creative hiring process of bringing CCAs on board. We have heard every excuse there is, mostly, “It’s only happening in certain pockets.” Meanwhile, we all know it’s occurring all over the country—from the East to West coasts. Yet we remain pathetically short-staffed while trying to accomplish our daily data mission.

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