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NAPS – EAS Employees Set the Standard

December 6, 2022
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Your commitment to excellence is further demonstrated during this period of the agency’s constant change and subjective leadership. We still operate in an age where the words “dignity and respect” are empty and seldom spoken by postal leaders. They appear unable or unwilling to make them more than just two nouns with a conjunction in between when it was the flavor of the month.

This disengagement, understandably, could harden our hearts as it impacts our lives and how we manage day-to-day operations. However, day in and day out, you prove yourselves to be the best of the best, giving your all to get the job done. Thank you.

There is a good reason why we never can give up serving America or fighting for the members of NAPS, despite being pressed down in service. On March 23, 2021, the USPS unveiled its 10-year plan. The agency admitted, “We have failed to meet service commitments to our customers for many of our mail and package products. In particular, we have not met First-Class Mail service targets in eight years. This is due to both unattainable service standards and a lack of operational precision.”

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