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NAPS Achieves Updates to Supervisor Workload Credits

May 11, 2023


After years of gathering data, analyzing the data and then being denied changes by past postal leadership, a revamped Supervisor Workload Credit (SWC) system was announced by the Postal Service on Friday, March 27, 2023.

The new SWC calculations will provide much-needed additional supervisors in offices and stations nationwide. This is in addition to positions authorized in fall 2022 that were held in lieu of supervisor, Customer Service Support (SCSS) positions. No longer does the SCSS position need to be authorized in lieu of an SCS position.

The only criteria now to authorize an SCSS position is an installation managed by a Level-24-or-above postmaster. With the new SWC calculations and change in SCSS criteria, approximately 1,000 additional new supervisors will be placed in the field where they are needed.

A major key is no reduction to any calculation in the SWC program. The Postal Service also agreed to meet to review the SWC program every six months, if needed. There also is discussion regarding authorizing additional positions.

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