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Mount Airy neighbors fed up after nine months without mail

May 12, 2023
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CINCINNATI — Neighbors in Mount Airy said they are fed up after nine months of empty mailboxes. They said they were told the carriers don’t feel safe.

Quinn McCreagh lives on Shadymist Lane. He said instead of getting his mail delivered, he’s been traveling to the post office on Colerain Avenue to pick up his mail for the last nine months. McCreagh said he and his neighbors never got any notice that mail was no longer being delivered. It just stopped coming.

McCreagh said the post office told him someone assaulted a mail carrier on their street, and that carriers no longer felt safe delivering mail. He asked the post office what they were going to do about the situation.

“Are you going to place mailboxes at the end of the street? No. Are you going to suggest anything at all? We have no suggestions other than pick your mail up,” McCreagh said.

Neighbors said the post office hasn’t been willing to work with them.

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