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Mother of Kierra Coles is not giving up on finding her

November 30, 2022
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CHICAGO—The case of 26-year-old Kierra Coles, the postal worker who was three months pregnant at the time she went missing, is still like a raw wound to those who love and care for her. Her family says she disappeared without a trace and that the circumstances surrounding her disappearance mimic many other Black women and girls missing in the city.

Ms. Coles’ mother, Karen Phillips, told The Final Call that she believes law enforcement has made a minimum effort to locate her daughter.

“They’re not really being helpful, and I have a private investigator and they don’t really want to answer his questions,” she said. “Why else won’t they help him? This man had to tell me he’s not getting help from the police. It feels like we’re alone on this.”

The Final Call contacted the Chicago Police Department for comment but did not receive a response during presstime. According to a report obtained by the Chicago Police Department, 14,343 Black women went missing between 2018-2022. Kierra Coles is just one of the thousands.

Ms. Phillips said she is concerned her daughter’s disappearance will be forgotten like many other Black women and girls. Her daughter went missing in October 2018.

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