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More Small Business Choices This Holiday Season Thanks To Postal Reform

December 6, 2022

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Every year more and more Americans turn to e-commerce for their holiday shopping. From decor to hosting needs to gifts, almost a third of consumers are expecting to do more online shopping this year compared to last year. Household budgets remain tight, but online deals, low-cost shipping, and the simple convenience of deliveries straight to our doorsteps make e-commerce an easy choice for Americans. This year, the sheer choice available online – especially from small businesses and retailers on marketplaces like Etsy and eBay – is empowered by postal reform.

Congress passed the bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act this March, providing much-needed changes to keep the Postal Service on track in the digital age. In addition to critical financial and operational improvements, postal reform ensured that mail and packages will continue to be delivered together, 6 days a week. Affordable and reliable postal package delivery is a lifeline for rural communities, for seniors, and for small businesses.

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