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‘Modernize’ Williamsport on USPS sorting and deliver center shortlist

February 6, 2023
2023 02 06 at 5.33 PM

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The City of Williamsport has been eyed as a location for a new United States Postal Service Sorting and Delivery Center, and the impact it will have depends on which side of the coin — or stamp — one views these new modernized mail and package distribution facilities.

“The USPS has been working to modernize its delivery network and one component of this initiative is combining and centralizing carrier operations in new and large S&DCs over the coming years,” said Mark Lawrence, a USPS spokesman.

The model is expected to improve the transportation utilization by reducing time and the cost of transportation to facilities, and in cases of co-location, eliminating the need for transportation completely, he said.

Additionally, it will allow postal delivery routes to be revamped to make them more efficient and cost-effective, he said.

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