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Miscommunication from USPS leads to a MacGyvered mailbox mess on Cleveland mail route

November 14, 2022


The mail route has turned into a bit of MacGyvered mess of mailboxes. Boxes are placed on top of planks of wood to elevate their height. Other mailboxes have been lifted using a pole at the bottom. Other boxes were placed on top of other mailboxes to reach the height being required only by this particular mail carrier.

“We’re in the middle of an inflation,” she said. “And not everybody has a skill saw sitting in the backyard or can just run out and buy a new mailbox at whim because you won’t deliver their mail.”

In a statement to Local 3 News, a spokesperson for the USPS said the notices were sent in error, and anyone with mailboxes 41-45 inches tall should not have been told to alter them.

“We regret the miscommunication,” the spokesperson said in the statement. “Local management reports that all mail is currently being delivered promptly and correctly to customers in the Cleveland area.”

But Batross said she wasn’t told of the mistake until Local 3 News told her about it, and she still hasn’t received her mail in months.

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