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Meet the mail carrier who found 8 puppies in mailboxes

April 28, 2023


Everyone who walks up to the check-out counter is greeted by two front paws and a stretched out, sniffing nose that just barely reaches over the height of the counter. The move has made Gracie popular amongst locals. Gemmell says everybody knows Gracie, and some visit the store specifically to see the black and white puppy.

But Gracie’s quickly growing legacy is one that almost did not exist. The Monday before Christmas, mail carrier JJ Johnson found Gracie in a mailbox in Nine Mile.

“I pulled up to one house and opened the mailbox. I saw something move in the back of the mailbox … Then I put a piece of mail in and then a face turned around, and it was a puppy,” Johnson said.

Johnson determined the puppy wasn’t any of the neighbors before calling his supervisor. On his way back to the post office, Johnson checked a few more mailboxes. He found a total of eight puppies in different mailboxes across town.

“I was very surprised. And then I was sad, because you could see him shaking in there. And I was hoping they weren’t there that long,” Johnson said.

All eight puppies made their way back to the Nine Mile Post Office, which is directly next door to Nine Mile Seed and Supplies.

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