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Management Alert – Voyager Card Program – Internal Control Issues

October 12, 2022
2022 10 12 at 4.27 PM

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This management alert presents issues the OIG identified during the Voyager Fleet Card Program audit. Our objective is to report issues related to Voyager fleet card fuel purchases and Voyager personal identification number (PIN) management. See Appendix A for additional information about this audit.


Every Postal Service-owned vehicle is assigned a Voyager Fleet card (Voyager card) to pay for its commercially purchased fuel, oil, and routine maintenance. Vehicles certified for unleaded gasoline are required to be fueled with unleaded regular or gasohol. A fuel consisting of a blend usually of 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline. Vehicles can be fueled with gasohol when the price per gallon is equal to or less than the price of unleaded regular gasoline.

Controls over fuel purchases and PINs are crucial in maintaining the integrity of the program to control costs. Postal Service policy provides guidance over the assignment, use, and monitoring of PINs and reconciliation of Voyager card transactions.

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