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Mailin’ it podcast – A Day in the Life: Mail Carrier

February 7, 2023

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In this episode of Mailin’ It, we chat with Davita Lawrence, one of the many Postal employees who helps to make sure mail gets delivered to every address across the nation. Join us as we get a special look into the day in the life of a Mail Carrier. We’ll gain insight into the training, how someone gets assigned to a route, and more!


This week, we get a special look into a side of the Postal Service most people don’t get to see! Join us as we talk about the day in the life of a Mail Carrier with Davita Lawrence, who has been a Mail Carrier with the Postal Service since 2020. We’ll dive into the training, route assignments, and what it’s like delivering to businesses. Davita also shares some of her favorite things about the role, the support and community within the Postal Service, and her hopes for the future!

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