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Letter Carrier Retires With 65 Years of Service

March 28, 2023
letter carrier tony spadaccini


STAMFORD — This week, the Postal Service celebrates the retirement of Letter Carrier Tony Spadaccini after 65 years of service.

Stamford’s Tony Spadaccini started in New Canaan as a letter carrier (called a sub-carrier back then) on August 1, 1957. He remembers the price of a First-Class stamp being 5 cents.

“I came out of high school and worked for the Post Office right out of high school. Then joined the military. I was drafted into the army. When I came back, I re-joined the Postal Service. Been here ever since,” said Spadaccini.

Spadaccini says he has seen lots of changes throughout the years. “Lot of changes on my route. Lots of new homes. Lots of new people coming and going,” he said. “I had a good lot of years. They are nice here,” he added.

This Thursday, March 30, the Postal Service will celebrate Spadaccini’s last week of service at 8 a.m. with a breakfast at the Camp Ave. Post Office located at 24 Camp Ave., Stamford, CT.

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