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Ketchum’s postal woes continue, this time with Amazon packages piling up

February 8, 2023
2023 02 08 at 5.59 PM


The Ketchum Post Office is once again a topic of controversy among community leaders and members of the public, as an alleged change in service between UPS and Amazon has led to a massive backlog of packages at the post office, according to City Administrator Jade Riley—though UPS denies that anything has changed.

“I had a conversation with the postmaster today, and there has been a recent change in which Amazon is no longer using UPS as a vendor for home delivery, so what we have seen is a spike in UPS dropping off packages at the post office,” Riley told the City Council on Monday.

Riley said that prior to this recent increase in shipments, the post office would use the person’s address to look up their P.O. box number and then place the package in their box. But now, due to the large number packages and the fact the post office isn’t required to do that, the post office has adopted a new policy of returning anything not marked for a P.O. box to the sender.

UPS West Region Network Communications Manager Matthew Skeen said that there hasn’t been any change in UPS and Amazon services, and that he is unsure of what could be causing the problem.

“I have no idea where that is coming from,” Skeen said. “UPS and Amazon still work together.”

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