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Is the post office ready for mail voting? Red flags raised about Philadelphia

September 30, 2022


The overall conclusion in an audit released Monday: the Postal Service “generally” is ready to process mail ballots and other election mail, such as applications for ballots and voter registrations.

But, the inspector general said, there are reasons to be concerned.

Three of the six processing and distribution centers that were visited, including one in Philadelphia, didn’t comply with all policies for handling election mail during the primary.

“Without full compliance and implementation of policy, the Postal Service could be at risk of not processing and delivering ballots on time,” the inspector general concluded.

The Philadelphia center did not use two checklists designed to ensure election mail is moved swiftly, according to the audit.

One checklist verifies readiness to receive and process election mail. Steps including having a staging area to handle the mail; logging the arrival of mail; and verify daily that all election mail has been processed and moved on.

Another checklist notes which areas of postal facilities must be checked daily for election mail.

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