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Investigation finds large number of postal carrier attacks puts workers, your personal info at risk

November 21, 2022
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Channel 2 Action News investigation has exclusively uncovered disturbing numbers of attacks on mail carriers across Georgia.

The victims in these robberies are not just mail carriers — it’s you.

What the thieves are really after is people’s personal identities. They’re using master keys and targeting group mailboxes in order to commit identity theft on a massive scale.

Channel 2 Action News filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain data on mail carrier attacks and found that between January 2019 and July 2022, there have been 232 attacks on postal carriers just in the Atlanta division.

“It’s at epidemic proportions. It’s it has spiraled out of control,” Albergo said.

Albergo is also the president of the postal police union. He said in 2020, a postal service policy change now prevents postal police form patrolling carrier routes.

“So we’re confined to postal facilities in the middle of a mail theft epidemic,” Albergo told Gray. “Since then, mail theft has exploded.”

That doesn’t just put postal employee safety at risk.

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