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‘I’m angry’: Billings dog owner says mail carrier maced fenced-in pet

February 8, 2023


BILLINGS — A Billings family believes a mail carrier sprayed their soon-to-be 2-year-old dog, Sunka, with some form of self-defense spray Saturday morning on Buchanan Avenue on the South Side.

Katie Guzman said the family was inside the home cooking breakfast when Sunka ran inside “rubbing her face all over the carpet and everything.” At first, Guzman thought her dog had the “zoomies,” but Sunka’s eyes appeared swollen.

Her 2-year-old granddaughter started coughing and then her husband touched Sunka’s face, proceeded to touch his own and his eyes started to burn. That was when they knew something was wrong.

Guzman looked outside and saw her mailman.

“So I confronted him, and I was like, ‘Did you spray my dog?’ And he’s like, ‘Well yeah, I did. I’m just really scared of dogs,’” she said.

But Guzman feels confused as to why the carrier sprayed her dog.

“We have a fenced yard. Our mailbox is not even close to where he’d have to go by her,” she said.

Their mailbox is on the side of their home, down the driveway. The fence, where Sunka stays, closes off the entire front yard, preventing her from being able to reach a mail carrier.

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