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If it belongs to USPS, don’t misuse it

February 2, 2022
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The Postal Service is reminding employees they may not use USPS property for any unauthorized purpose.

Misusing postal property violates federal ethics rules and can result in discipline, such as fines, garnishment of wages and termination.

Examples of misused items include:

• Postal-issued cellphones. Don’t use them for outside business or to send or store inappropriate pictures or email messages.

• Computers. Although USPS allows limited personal use, don’t use your work computer for a second job or to visit inappropriate websites.

• USPS vehicles. Don’t use them for personal trips and don’t deviate from your route for personal reasons. You cannot use a postal vehicle to commute from home to work unless you have received authorization.

• Postal travel cards. Don’t use the cards to pay for nonqualifying personal expenses. Keep your postal card in a different location from your personal cards so you don’t mix them up.

• Voyager cards. Don’t use the cards to put fuel in a personal vehicle or to pay for snacks, drinks or other convenience items. Both the Postal Service and the Office of Inspector General routinely audit Voyager card usage, and violators are regularly caught.

• Cash drawers. Don’t borrow money from a postal drawer — even if you intend to repay it later.

• Badges. Your USPS ID is postal property and is an important security measure. Don’t alter or damage the badge in any way or allow others to use it.

The Ethics Blue page covers these and other topics in more detail.

Employees who have questions should call the ethics helpline at 202-268-6346 or send an email to

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