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Homeless career criminal with 76 priors busted in NYC robbery of USPS mail carrier

October 14, 2022

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A homeless career criminal with several dozen prior arrests was busted this week for allegedly robbing a USPS mail carrier and threatening to punch her, cops said.

Mya Mariani, 44 — who has racked up 76 unsealed arrests in the Big Apple — approached the 36-year-old employee and snatched some packages from her mail cart on Schenectady Avenue near Lincoln Place around 10:50 a.m. Thursday, authorities said.

When the worker asked Mariani to give the packages back, the alleged thief snapped, “B–h, get out [of my] f–ing face before I punch you in the face,” cops and police sources said.

She took off, but was arrested a short time later inside the train station at Schenectady Avenue and Eastern Parkway and found with five packages in her possession, cops and the sources said.

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