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Hilton Head mayoral candidate’s mailer causes buzz.

November 1, 2022
2022 11 01 at 4.29 PM

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Hilton Head Island mayoral candidate JoAnn Orischak was accused of violating federal mailing laws this weekend, and although the accusation later was retracted, she said damage may have been done to her campaign and she may consider legal action.

The claim stemmed from over 4,000 campaign mailers Orischak distributed through the USPS’ “every door direct mailing” system.

When the materials appeared in mailboxes throughout Hilton Head Plantation, the neighborhood’s general manager and Beaufort County school board candidate, Peter Kristian, received complaints from residents that the mail didn’t have any postage or say who paid to mail them.

They questioned whether the mailers could be breaking federal law.


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