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Heroic efforts made by Santa Ysabel postmaster

July 11, 2023
2023 07 11 at 5.10 PM


The USPS Santa Ysabel postmaster is encouraging others to be CPR certified after stepping up to save a customer.

SANTA YSABEL, Calif. — A United States Postal Service Postmaster in the back country delivered some lifesaving help last week.

Lisa Di Paolo gave CPR to a 78 year old man who had collapsed in the Santa Ysabel post office.

Di Paolo is one of those workers who doesn’t mail it in. She loves helping people behind the counter but one day she got out from behind to save a customer’s life.

Santa Ysabel’s post office is staffed with two people but on Monday, June 26, right after the lunch break, Di Paolo was manning the post office by herself when 78-year-old Stormy Silvercloud walked into the retail section.

“As soon as he got right here [counter] he literally collapsed on the floor,” said Di Paolo.

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