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Hamilton mailman helps police track down suspect in crash and shooting

October 11, 2022


Two men are dead after a series of bizarre events that began with a crash and ended with one man being shot to death by police.

The crash was between two cars on Fairgrove Avenue in Hamilton.

Witnesses said they saw something unusual right away with a man who was standing outside of one of the vehicles.

“When I was coming up the road, he was pulling something out of that car,” said Jeff Black, who pulled up just after the crash.

It turned out that something was someone.

At first, I thought it was a quilt or something like that, but it was actually the person.” Black said.

Black, who is a long-time mail carrier, was on his way home from work.

“I’m getting ready. Call 911. He takes off going up the road, Route 4, heading east, and so I decided to follow him,” Black said.

Black stayed on the phone with 911 dispatchers helping to guide police to Morris Road, where the suspect stopped.

Other witnesses called 911, telling dispatchers the man had a gun, but Black was unaware of the weapon.

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