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Grand Junction Scarlet Post Office sorting facility reportedly in disarray

January 17, 2023

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It may look peaceful on the outside, but a longtime U.S. Postal Service employee at the Grand Junction Carrier Annex at 734 Scarlet Drive reports that inside the building the Postal Service is “going crazy lately.”

The employee reports, “We are delaying mail and it is running horribly.”

Postal carriers across the country say the Post Office is suffering from a severe shortage of employees, and the problem is most acute in rural areas.

“Many of us are now working 7 days a week and around 12 or more hours per day,” the Grand Junction Scarlet facility employee says. “I worked 16 hours on Saturday. Some of us have volunteered to work even more, but they said we no longer can. I think they are fudging the numbers because it doesn’t seem to be an issue like it normally does when mail is delayed. Either upper management doesn’t know [about this], or they don’t care. Due to the fact that mail is not getting fully processed daily, businesses as well as residential customers are not getting important mail that they are expecting. Unfortunately, we have an ’empty equipment truck’ where we normally put the cages after we empty them. A large amount of mail has sat in there for nearly a week now. I don’t think it will be caught up for a long long time.”

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