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Gary man admits assaulting postal worker who got in his way

May 8, 2023
A Stainless Steel Handcuff


A federal grand jury charged Williams over an April 2, 2021, confrontation between him and the unidentified mail carrier who had stopped her delivery truck, outside Williams’ home in the 4200 block of Tennessee Street in Gary’s Glen Park section, to sort mail for other deliveries.

The government alleges Williams was backing a car out of his driveway when he struck her mail vehicle.

Williams began yelling at the mail carrier, who attempted to defuse the situation, but panicked when Williams went into his house for what she feared was a firearm.

She struck Williams’ car while attempting to drive around other vehicles in the street to escape.

The government alleges an irate Williams fired four shots from a 9 mm handgun at the mail truck, shattering one of its side windows. The carrier suffered face and neck injuries from the assault.

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