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Former Muncie postal employee charged for taking cash from greeting cards

February 7, 2022
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MUNCIE, Ind. — A Muncie postal employee resigned after police said she stole money from greeting cards.

The prosecutor’s office charged 36-year-old Rachel Brim with official misconduct and theft.

According to court documents, the investigation began in September when postal officials noticed more than 100 pieces of mail had been tampered with prior to arriving at the Muncie Processing and Distribution Center.

Investigators said Brim was rifling through mail and removing gift cards and cash from greeting cards.

Brim allegedly told investigators she never took anything from Amazon or Veteran Affairs packages. Brim also told investigators she would put the rifled mail back in a collection box that would end up at the processing facility.

According to court documents, Brim admitted to investigators she had taken money from greeting cards. Brim said she needed money for rent and food.

Postal Police recovered an additional 177 pieces of mail from Brim’s car.

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