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Florida USPS mail sorter accused of stealing 75 checks worth more than $70,000

April 21, 2023

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SARASOTA, Fla. — A USPS employee who lives in Bradenton is facing charges after police say she stole 75 checks worth more than $70,000 while she worked as a mail sorter — and detectives believe there could be more victims.

According to a press release, Anabel Ossombi, 27, faces charges that include scheming to defraud and money laundering. In total, police said 60 companies were victims.

Police said the investigation into Ossombi started in January after two victims said checks from customers for products purchased weren’t received.

Detectives interviews 13 of the 60 companies, and all 13 said they mailed the check through USPS, according to police. The checks were either picked up by a USPS carrier or dropped off at one of three locations in Sarasota.

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