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Feds bust Cincinnati theft ring targeting USPS keys, blue boxes, court docs show

May 3, 2023
2023 01 10 at 4.57 PM


CINCINNATI (WXIX) – Five people are facing federal charges in a mail theft case out of Cincinnati.

Federal investigators believe the suspects stole keys, mail, cash and checks from June 2022-March 2023 in the Cincinnati area.

William Lindsay, Armando Miller, Derray Kennedy, Monae Mosley and Amos Ashley are facing charges including bank fraud, mail fraud and robbery.

The suspects are accused of taking USPS keys and using them to steal from blue mailboxes. Prosecutors say the suspects hid the stolen mail and keys at so-called “stash houses.”

The suspects opened the mail, removed any cash and changed the amounts on checks before withdrawing the money, according to federal court records.

They are also accused of borrowing or renting cars with fake temporary tags to help them steal the mail and keys, the records show.

Investigators say Kennedy was detained in February and hid a USPS key in the back of a police cruiser

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