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Family flooded by junk mail from hundreds of charities

January 4, 2023


INDIANA, USA — Mail theft, delayed mail and missing mail has been a major problem for postal customers, with many people reporting they sometimes don’t get mail for several days.

One Indiana family has the opposite problem: They get too much mail and are at wit’s end trying to stop it.

Their mail carrier has been getting a workout, bringing stacks of letters to one older woman at her Lawrenceburg home, with most of them requests for money.

Monte Beard doesn’t know what to do. Her senior mom receives dozens of requests for money every week.

“Yesterday she got a whole stack of letters,” Beard said. “And this box is filled with a month or two of mailings.”

Most of the letters are from legitimate charities, but Beard said her mom has a tough time saying no to requests for donations.

“It tugs at her heart, and she has a big heart,” Beard said.

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