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Employees boost USPS on social media

February 3, 2023
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Social media posts from Postal Service employees participating a program to promote the organization’s products and services received more than 53 million views in 2022.

The voluntary program, USPS Zone, began in 2021 and now has nearly 1,300 employees sharing approved content with their personal social media networks.

Posts about Postal Service facts, mail love, working at USPS and its business-to-business products and services were the most popular.

Nancy Harding, a strategic account manager in Nashua, NH, led the USPS Zone team with posts that received more than 19 million views and more than 26,000 shares. Lily Pamanian, an operations integration specialist in Los Angeles, had the team’s second-best performance; her posts received more than 6 million views and nearly 12,500 shares.

“Postal Service employees know our products and services better than anyone, and that makes them ideal advocates for USPS on social media,” said John Hyatt, acting USPS Zone manager.

“It is also a great way to promote our hiring efforts locally to reach potential employee candidates.”

The social media activity with USPS Zone also equals nearly $250,000 in earned media, which is the monetary value of the exposure the organization gained from employees sharing posts.

USPS Zone is the first of its kind in the federal government.

The program, open to Executive and Administrative Schedule employees, allows them to pick and choose which content to share, as well as suggest postal content of their own. No postal entity monitors participants’ personal social media accounts.

To sign up for USPS Zone — or to have a program representative address your group of 10 or more EAS employees — send an email to

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