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East Austin apartment complex residents haven’t received mail in almost a month

October 18, 2022
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Residents of an East Austin apartment complex say they haven’t gotten their mail in weeks.

They say their mail is usually delivered to the front office, which has been closed for almost a month, meaning there’s no place for mail to be delivered.

Angelina Limbs has been asking the same question for weeks.

“Okay, where’s my mail?” Limbs said. “You got to be kidding me. You know, I mean, I have important papers coming in the mail. I got my bills. Nobody’s got gotten their mail around here. And it’s just like they’re not trying to do anything to rectify the problem.”

Limbs has lived at the Kensington Suites and Apartments for three years with no issue– except now. Before, she says residents would pick up their mail at the front office, however, that office closed down for a month for a management change.

No access to the front office meant Limbs couldn’t get her mail, but also the post office had no place to deliver. “We don’t have no way of getting the mail. I went to the post office to try to put a hold on my mail there,” she said. “They said all the mail that’s been previously delivered has been sent back to the sender.”

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