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Disabled postal workers claim they’re being forced to park farther away

November 11, 2022
2022 11 11 at 5.40 PM


SAN ANTONIO – Controversy swirls at San Antonio’s mail processing plant as disabled workers say they’re being forced to park farther away while their supervisors get prime spots.

The union took cell phone video and shared it with the Trouble Shooters. Workers say when a new security system was installed, most handicap spots were moved back a few hundred feet from the door.

The video shows what you see as you get closer to the door.

“As you can see by these poles that once contained handicapped spots,” a union representative narrates as the camera pans across parking poles with no signage.

Workers say now, just three handicap spots remain by the door.

“But usually, it’s just the supervisors and the acting supervisors that are parking there,” Proo says. “A government facility where we work for government and we have to park farther away than supervisors or people who are not handicapped or disabled – that’s pretty low, in my opinion.”

Proo filed an official grievance over this.

“I’d like for them to be abide by what they signed. You made a contract. You signed a contract,” Proo says.

And that contract clearly states there shouldn’t just be three spaces.

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