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Did a Battle Creek Postal Worker Get Attacked Over a Social Media Challenge?

January 19, 2022
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Now it is being alleged that an attack on a Battle Creek mail carrier may have been a result of yet another social media challenge. The family of the victim says that the attack began with just one teen or young-looking male, but that two other males who appeared to be the same age joined the attack while a fourth young male captured video of the senseless violence.

The daughter of the victim spoke out on social media asking for tips in identifying the attackers. Residents in the area were quick to show support and soon security footage from nearby homes was located and turned over to Battle Creek Police. The investigation remains ongoing.

We reached out to Calhoun County Prosecutor David Gilbert about what charges the young men involved in the attack could face.

On the state level, depending on the nature of the assault it may be assault and battery depending on the severity of the beating. On the federal level, the postal inspector or other federal agents could investigate. There are federal offenses for assaulting federal employees in the course of their duties including postal workers. ~Calhoun County Prosecutor David Gilbert

In short, attacking a United States Postal worker means that the suspects could face charges for a federal offense.


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