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DeJoy: USPS in recovery but ‘uncomfortable changes’ still to come under reform plan

April 15, 2022
postmaster general louis dejoy

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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy knows his 10-year plan to put the Postal Service on firmer financial footing doesn’t suit everybody.

“If I’m the only one in town who thought the Postal Service was in crisis, then I have a different perspective. In fact, I know it was in crisis,” he said Wednesday in an interview at USPS headquarters.

DeJoy understands the plan is a tough sell for some. USPS implemented new service standards last year that slowed nearly 40% of first-class mail volume.

First-class mail prices went up last fall, and they’re going up again this summer. The price of a first-class stamp was 50 cents before January 2019. By July, it’ll cost 60 cents.

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