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Collector concerned after handgun goes missing from Atlanta USPS distribution center

February 8, 2023
2023 02 08 at 6.12 PM


A metro Atlanta gun collector, who wants to be called Anthony for safety reasons, said he hopes his weapon isn’t being used to commit a crime.

“I’m concerned it could be in the wrong hands or out of that facility,” he said.

He told Channel 2′s Ashli Lincoln he now fears he’s part of an alarming statistic of gun owners having their guns stolen by criminals.

He said his gun disappeared from a United States Postal Facility in Northwest Atlanta, according to his tracking information.

Anthony said he’s been waiting weeks to receive a Magnum 500.

“It’s used for hunting, target shooting and it’s very, very powerful,” he said.

Anthony said a postmaster at his regional branch in Coweta County told him they’re seeing increasing complaints from gun owners, reporting missing weapons processed through the Northwest Atlanta facility.

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