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Chairman Kubayanda Statement on PRC Budget

September 14, 2023

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Statement of Michael Kubayanda, Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission, on the Adjustment to the Commission’s Budget by the Governors of the United States Postal Service

I appreciate the Governors’ approval of a budget but am disappointed that they declined to fund the Commission’s modest request of $22.6 million, less than .03 percent of Postal Service revenues. Most importantly, this process raised red flags about potential risks to the Commission’s independence.

The Governors did acknowledge that the Commission’s total FY 2024 costs are $27.2 million. I thank the Governors for recognizing this, as it is important for the Commission’s trajectory. While the $27.2 million cited by the Governors is $1.5 million less than the Commission’s projected costs, this amount must serve as a baseline for FY 2025 and longer-term budgets funded by the Postal Service to avoid degrading the Commission’s capacity, eliminating positions in the understaffed agency, and stopping long overdue technology upgrades.

Congress created the Commission to provide transparency and accountability of the Postal Service. This budget cycle appeared to reverse the agencies’ statutory roles. The Governors asserted that their adjusted budget is “entirely sufficient” and questioned the Commissioners’ judgment about regulatory staffing levels, use of outside expertise, and capital investments.

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