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Canada’s postal workers want to put public charging stations at post offices: Why can’t it happen here too?

December 23, 2022
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The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has put forward a plan — Delivering Community Power — to transform the postal system in ways that will “fight climate change and deliver vital new services to every corner of the country.” Under the plan, post offices would offer new services, like high-speed internet; provide low-fee financial services; and expand their role as community hubs. The plan also calls for putting public charging stations at every Canada Post office, where they can be used not only for the next generation of electric postal vehicles but also by the public.

The CUPW plan is in direct contrast to what Postmaster General DeJoy is going to do with the billions of dollars the Postal Service will be getting to electrify its fleet. His plans call for relocating letter carriers from post offices to large Sorting & Delivery Centers, and that’s where the charging stations will go, not at your local post office. The chargers will thus be well out of reach of postal customers.

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