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Busy Holiday Season: A day in the life of a USPS Mail Carrier

November 3, 2022
2022 11 03 at 6.05 PM


HOLLADAY, Utah – Now that November is here, we’re getting into the holiday season, which means a busy time for mail carriers. With winter-like weather outside, it can make deliveries tricky. ABC4’s Kayla Baggerly spent the morning shadowing a postal worker in Salt Lake County to get a look into what their day looks like.

Soana Katoa walks into work each day at the USPS office in Holladay, Utah with a bounce in her step, greeting all her co-workers as she passes by them.

“This job, you need a positive energy, so if you do have that, then you can get along with everybody and love the job you’re doing,” she said.

Her first task is casing her mail, which takes around an hour, then she loads her truck to get it ready to go for her route, which she says is around 600 stops. Despite the large amount of stops, Soana says delivering the mail is the part of her job she loves the most.

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