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Brentwood residents report mail delays after 12 postal workers quit in one day

December 5, 2022
2022 12 05 at 6.39 PM


BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WSMV) — Some Brentwood neighbors say it’s been days since they’ve received their mail.

Alan Taylor and his wife Roxane looked through their pile of mail Friday afternoon after not receiving it for days. They say the mail carrier did make its route on Friday, but their Copper Fields neighborhood hadn’t seen mail since last week.

“We have not had mail delivered since Monday,” Taylor said.

Taylor says they were expecting something important in the mail.  At first, they didn’t think any of it after a few days went by but after a week of no mail, they did some investigating.

“I drove down to the nearest post office right here in Brentwood,” Taylor said. “They said well at the end of day Monday, they actually had 12 people just all quit. Without notice, they just finished their routes and said we’re done with all 12 of them.”

Taylor says he was told that a dozen mail carriers from the Brooks Chapel Road location in Brentwood all suddenly quit — causing the delay. Taylor says while he understands things happen. But the most frustrating part was the lack of communication from the post office.

“I said, ‘since I’m here at the post office, can I just get my mail?’ They said ‘we’re not a distribution center. That’s the post office annex center in Cool Springs,’ and they already had little slips of paper that gave the annex telephone number,” Taylor said. “They said, ‘you’ll have to call because that’s a post office employee facility only.’”

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